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cge jey out na muna ako goodnyt bye:)

nighty night

ah easy lang naman ako:) relax suabeng suabe at mabango haha just kidding po, no ba tong nasasabi ko sabaw hay juskopo

hahaha mabango. the most important! haha

yousound like my mom, in a nice way, well tama ka again, pero yah imposible naman mag date ko ng madami, its not me.. gusto ko isa lang :) pero la eh

ahaha tawa ako dyan! that ‘isa’.. she’s probably looking for you too ;) it will happen. believe!

haha tama:) well may pinaghuhugutan kase:) minsan lang to maging senti kase haha

hahaha lucky inlove huh? or maybe UNlucky? all is fair in love and war kaibigan ;)

pretty please follow my main pondering blog ^^,

the things i think but do not say

thanks jey for liking my post :)

there’s so much to see back home. i want to see it all!

thanks :)

honestly i have no idea LOL

i just choose random colors everytime so i don't even know - i probably do but who cares :)

must be that natural talent of never dupilcating, forever innovating. IDOL! :)

heart the blog. don’t listen to the shit-they-talk.

they can do ask nicki minaj says: “haters you can kill yourselves”. amen.

thanks for following me. i already followed back :) takecare

you’re welcome :) you are following my other blog too, so thanks back to you! ask ko lang, bakit mo pinalitan name mo? i was trying to find the ask button on your blog pero diko makits..

"Since we all came from a woman, got our name from a woman, and our game from a woman.. I wonder why we take from our women, why we rape our women, do we hate our women? I think its time we killed for our women, time we healed our women, be real to our women. And if we don’t we’ll have a race of babies that will hate the ladies, that make the babies. And since a man can’t make one he has no right to tell a women when and where to create one."

- Tupac Shakur (found Stumbling)

it’s been a while since i showed any kind of life on this thing. apologies.

this picture is from my lastest photo blog on blogger. ♥ my fave out of the bunch.